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James and Cirila Martin  –  Retired DoDDS Teachers

As school teachers for the Department of Defense Schools in the Kaiserslautern District (one teaching at Landstuhl and the other at Ramstein Intermediate) we spent 24 years living and working in Germany. We considered it home.

During the course of this time we invested our money into the real estate market and purchased a number of homes as rental properties. This did not come without risks. However, to avoid running into any troubles, we enlisted the aid of RFP Steuerberatung to handle all the issues related to our taxes on these rental properties.

My wife and I couldn’t be happier with the help and assistance we received from this company. They provided us all the needed support to file our taxes, ensuring it was  done right the first time,
and all at a very affordable rate. Our consultant was Ms. Lang and I highly recommend her services to anyone that might need to file German taxes for whatever purpose. RFP is a top notch corporation.


Michael D. Richter – Ramstein, Germany

As an American living in Germany and an ordinary resident, my European spouse and I were faced with how to understand and submit a German tax return in the event we would be required to do so.  My questions were many, and I had no knowledge of the existing tax laws and treaties between the United States and Germany, which mayeffect our obligations of living in Germany, both that of an ordinary resident and retirees as well.

Our questions and concerns were all answered when I scheduled a tax consultant meeting with Susan Lang, Managing Assistance and Tax Preparer at the firm of RFP Steuerberatung GmbH, located in Ramstein Village. Mrs. Lang took me through step by step the requirements and procedures which would effect us while living as residents and retirees in Germany.  The process was relatively simple, straightforward, and all our questions and concerns were answered clearly and in a language I could understand, English.  Mrs. Lang and the team at RFP Steueberatung have a long history of assisting and preparing German tax returns for Americans, and I wouldrecommend them to anyone requiring this type of assistance.


Joanna Boeckl – President Euro Support Services LLC

We were a US based company with the need to hire employees in Germany, and had no idea how to go about the process. We were referred to RFP and Susanne Lang. Susanne was enormously helpful, always available to answerour questions, attend conference calls, and contact the necessary government agencies on our behalf. With her help, and the rest of the RFP staff, we were able to cut through the “red tape” and conduct our business inGermany in a few short months. We continue to work with RFP and would highly recommend their services.


Kelly Terrien – President & CEO – Summit technical Solutions – Colorado Springs, CO

RFP has been carrying out our local national payroll, our insurance withholdings & payments, our GermanCorporate taxes, and local German tax office audits since 2006. They are the German arm of our CorporateAccounting & Finance department. More than that, we have also been able rely on RFP for HR advice andsupport regarding the German Works Council on occasion. Frau Susanne Lang and her Team are the best! We could not handle all of our accounting and financing needsin Germany without them.


Donald G. Goetz – Chief Executive Officer – Highplains Marketing Services, nc.

Dear Potential Client,

I understand that you are contemplating engaging Susanne Lang to assist you with German accounting issuesincluding payroll tax matters for your business operation in Germany. I can strongly recommend Susanne asshe has been fantastic for our firm. We have operated in Europe and Germany for many years and we had reliedon a prior accountant for assistance with all German compliance issues. Unfortunately we found that relationshipto be problematic as we constantly were faced with translation issues, we never seemed to get clear answers to questions and we ultimately found out through an audit that we may have been doing some things incorrectlybased on the guidance we had been given.

Fortunately, we then engaged Susanne. We found her fees to be very reasonable and more importantly wereceived value for our expenditure. She has expertise in German payroll tax law, worked diligently with theGerman authorities to fix our particular factual situation and got us on track with the correct compliancewithout having to pay any penalties or back taxes. She is very conversant in English and was great at explainingthe German law to us in an understandable way. She is also tech savvy and very responsive to our inquiries.In short I highly recommend Susanne Lang to you.


Ute Warner

I am a client of RFP Steuerberatung GmbH for over 3 years now. They have given us always great service and advice for all our tax needs.

I am very satisfied with the company and will continue to use their service.

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